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D-Limonene is the main component of extracted oil from citrus peels when the fruits have been pressed and juiced and becomes separated from the juice. It then goes through a distillation process for recovering the fragrance and flavor compounds. What is left of the oil is then collected as food grade D-Limonene. Following this process, the rinds go through a steam extractor to produce more of the oil. As the steam condenses the oil, a layer of this oil rises above the condensed water, which results in grade D-Limonene.

Uses of D-Limonene

The uses of D-Limonene has rapidly expanded in the past decade with many products using this compound for making cleaning products, paint solids and adding it to products for fragrance. It is also used in cooling fluids as a minor component. D-Limonene has grown tremendously in the household and industrial cleaning product use as it can be used as a water dilutable product or as a straight solvent. D-Limonene when used as a straight solvent can replace many products such as acetone, mineral spirits, glycol ethers, methyl ethyl ketone and chlorinated and fluorinated organic solvents. Because this compound is not water soluble, it can be utilized in water separation units and with a KB value of 67, this compound contains solubility capabilities close to CFC’s. This indicates that D-Limonene is a superior solvent compared to regular mineral spirits. It can also be used straight in spray systems, dip baths or wipe cleaners as well as makes a good substitute for organic solvents. D-Limonene is also combined with surfactant packages to make water diluted and rinsible products. These products are usually used in the home or institutions to replace other caustic and water based cleaners. D-Limonene is made into concentrated form for diluting before use and is made into pre-diluted solutions for wipe cleaners and sprays. Water diluted solutions are often used in industrial environments to remove residue from parts when a water rinse is used. D-Limonene has proven to be a very safe and effective chemical that provides a wide array of uses.