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The Health Benefits of Limonene

The chemical Limonene that is found in citrus fruit rinds is being used for many different health problems in the form of medications. It is used for treating bronchitis, as a preventative and treatment for cancer and as a medication for weight loss. When used as a cancer treatment, it is given in oral form in cycles of 21 days to individuals with advanced stages of cancer. The type of limonene that is used is D-limonene, which appears to inhibit the progression of the cancer, although its effects on the individual’s survival are still unsure. Medical researchers believe that Limonene may have the ability to block the chemicals that form cancer as well as kill the cancer cells in a laboratory setting. More research is required to know if this same effect works in humans. Limonene is also used by pharmaceutical manufacturers in medicinal creams and ointments to help penetrate skin.

Other Uses of Limonene

Limonene is not only used for medicinal purposes, but also is used as an additive in chewing gum, foods, and beverages as a flavoring. Manufacturers use it as a fragrance and solvent as well as in water-free hand cleansers. Additionally, it is being used in the manufacturing of plastics.

Safety and Side Effects of Limonene

Limonene appears to be safe in food products as well as when taken in medication form, orally for up to a year. As of yet, there is not enough collected information on Limonene to know if larger doses of this medication is safe. As of now, doses depend of many factors such as the individual’s health and age as well as other conditions. Because of the lack of scientific information on Limonene, it is still uncertain in determining what proper dosages should be. If using Limonene as a medication, individuals should follow directions closely and consult with a physician before using. Pregnant or breast-feeding women should avoid using Limonene until more research is conducted.