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Using Orange Peels around the Home

Each year 5 million tones of citrus fruit peels are generated by the Florida orange juice industry, which is used in dried pellet form to feed cattle. There are plans underway for the future use of citrus peels for making cellulosic ethanol. Not only are large projects being conducted with citrus rinds, but they can also provide useful benefits around the home. To prevent ants from entering the home, blending up some orange peel with water and applying it to entrance areas will deter these annoying insects. It also works well at keeping cats away from plants they may dig in. To remove musty odors, place dried orange peels in a cloth bag and place in cupboards or closets. To add flavor to foods, use a zester to remove the top lay from the orange peel or place the zest in an airtight bottle to dry and use later. Because orange peels are flammable, they can be used as kindling or for starting a fire. Tossing a few orange peels into the garbage disposal while it is running will help deodorize it. Orange peels can be used to deodorize and clean kitchen sinks as well as keep trashcan odors down and prevent insect infestations by simply tossing a few peels into the bottom of the trash can. Placing small piles of orange zest in areas that frequent mosquitoes or flies can help control these pest problems. Orange peels can also be added to compost piles or can be candied for a delicious treat.

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  • What is your opinion on a 2-1 water/orange oil dilution as a bee repellent, for an established feral colony?